Sunday, August 28, 2016

Tsum Tsum Drawstring Backpack

Thinking of another project for children class in the next coming school holidays' project. Suddenly this simple & useful drawstring backpack came into my mind. My girl likes it very much & ordered one from me as well.

Measurement: 38 X 43 cm

Eiffel Tower Passport Holder (Custom Made Order)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Army Green Polka Dot Sling Bag

I am very proud to say that this is my own design, hehehe.... My students like the A-Z sling bag that I always carry to handmade class, so they have requested to take up this course. Well, again this bag is my revision as well as the sample to be hung at Heart Handy.

Measurement: 40cm x 28cm x 12cm

Monday, July 11, 2016

Pink Ballerina Frame Backpack

Recently it's very famous with a Japan brand backpack called "Anello", I have fallen in too and "almost" ordered one for myself. But after cooling down and heard about the experience of my friend "paying for the authentic price but getting a replica bag" I have stopped myself for doing so. Finally I decided to make it on my own.

The steps weren't that difficult as I thought, well I made them bit by bit whenever I got the mood & free time. And I didn't make the first bag for myself but for my daughter since she needs a bigger bag to store her stuffs for ballet class. I will definitely make one for myself in the near future, hehe...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Melody Hexagon Patchwork Pillow

In fact this is not my first try on hexagon patchwork, I did it few years ago but unfortunately didn't complete the final piece and the art work has been hidden in one of the dark corner still, hehe... In order to try my patience, I have chosen a small project to start on and finally this is the final piece.

Sweet Pinkie Eiffel Tower Pouch (Custom Made Order)

A repeated order from a lady who likes pink very much. She ordered a pouch from me in year 2013 and 3 years later ordered the same pouch with some additional requirement.

PU Leather Sling Bag (Custom Made Order)

This PU leather bag was custom made for my brother in-law who has made his request a year ago, according to his required measurement & details.