Wednesday, August 22, 2012

吉蒂猫长夹 Hello Kitty Long Purse (Special Gift for my niece)

这是特别缝制给我的大外甥女的长夹, 连这黑底吉蒂猫布料也是特别订购给她的,因为她是个不折不扣的吉蒂猫迷。妹妹的三个女儿当中,就数她最和我投缘,也只有她会欣赏我的手作品, 所以当然对她有特别的待遇啦,哈哈!

This long purse was specially sewn for my eldest niece for her coming 13th birthday. I have bought this black base Hello Kitty fabric for quite some time just to wait for the time to sew her something as birthday gift. 

This photo was taken on top of the pumpkin plants at my mum house.

这次换换口味 — 不用手缝,而改用印章把她的名字印在布标上。
Changed my style this round - no more hand sew but use chop to make up her name on the fabric label.

圆鼓鼓的姐妹口金包 (客订) Fatty Sisters Coin Frame Purse (Custom Made Order)

不得不承认面子书真的是一个找人的好工具, 它不仅帮我找到了中学,大学的同学(当然也帮我带来了额外的收入)。。。一位几年没见的中学同学在看了我的作品后,向我订了个口金包。我因为担心自己的设计不附合她心中的要求,所以一连做了两个不同风格的, 好让她有所选择。怎么知道她两个都爱。。。没法,最后还是选了妹妹小粉,嘿嘿。。。

Can't deny that Facebook is indeed a very good tool in finding someone whom you have not met for very long time. It helps me to re-connect with my secondary schoolmates and even university mates (of course indirectly increases my pocket money as well...) One of my secondary mates ordered a 4-piece coin purse from me a month ago. Due to I was not very close with her so not sure what I have designed will suit her taste. With that, I have sewn 2 coin purse with different design, hoping at least she will like one of them. Who knows she likes both! Ahah! Anyway, she made the choice to have the pink one.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Family Passport Holder (Custom Made Order)

This is my first attempt to make family passport holders. This was ordered by my high schoolmate and also U mate which we have not met for more than 3 years. She wrote to me while I was in very bad mood due to some family issue and almost turned down her order. Coz I really had no mood at that point of time, moreover her requirement to use the same fabric for the passport holder was kind of "mission impossible" to me.

After cooled down and I thought of something different, I will still stick to her requirement to use the same fabric for all 3 BUT matched with some other fabric to differentiate among daddy, mummy and son. Tata... here there are...

Here is the front view of the group photos of the family passport holders - all hand sewn with their names on it - Sir Lim, GT Boy & Chris.
Purposely chose the same fabrics for both daddy & mummy and the lovely vehicles for the young boy.

Back view - just simple and nice

The compartment of daddy's passport holder

The compartment of mummy's passport holder

The compartment of son's passport holder 

绿油油的爱长夹 (现货) Green Green Love Long Purse (Sold)


这个长夹纯粹是为了复习而做,所以是现货哦!有兴趣的不妨e-mail 给我。

This long purse is still available, if you are interested do e-mail to me.

Measurement: 10cm X 22cm (folded)
~ 6 card slots
~ 2 note slots
~ 1 coin zip pocket
~ Fully interfaced with quality interfacing
~ 1 20cm long fancy lace zip
~ 1 snap button as the closure
~ Used quality Japanese cotton for the outer & inner and yarn dye fabric as the bias tape

Monday, August 6, 2012

Korean Roses Clutch (Custom Made Order)

This was my 3rd time to sew this clutch which was my own design, really proud of it, hehe.... Every time when I sew this clutch it was a different feeling to me - maybe with different fabrics matching make me feel differently.

The customer is my ex-colleague since we worked in Melaka, and she was from the same hometown as me and we even from the same high school.... what a small world right? Back to the clutch, she chose this black Korean linen as the main fabric and I matched the rest for her.

These are all her orders.....