Tuesday, May 29, 2012





内里的夹层, 因为我想拿来装爱疯,所以没有上钥匙排,也只做了一边有夹层。下午吃午餐的时候可以放些纸币,卡之类的。

Thursday, May 24, 2012

陈家的订单 - 万用钥匙包 (客订) Family Tan's Order - Multipurpose Key Chain Pouches (Custom Made Order)


第三批的三层手握包 3rd batch of 3-layer Clutch again!

这是第三次大量的缝制手握包了, 主要都是顾客的订单。只有一个是我两眼昏花看错顾客的要求做错的, 剩下的都已经名花有主咯!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

第二个艾菲铁塔卡套 (客订包) 2nd Eiffel Tower Card Case (Custom Made Order)

Why I named it 2nd Eiffel Tower Card Case? Because this is the 2nd one I made and it gonna have 3rd one, ahaha! This fabric is really a hot item, I have so many customers like it so much!

Of course this one is not 100% identical to the 1st one. I have made it different matching, hope it still looks nice!
Front view

Back view

Open up full panel view

Inside with 20-card slots

铜锣烧零钱包 - 女儿的教师节礼物 Dorayaki Coin Purses for Teacher's Day

My daughter told me on Monday night that they were going to have Teacher's Day celebration on the coming Friday, asked me how was my progress of the coin purses? OMG, I haven't even started any of them.... This will be gonna a nightmare for me! So on Monday night I couldn't sleep, kept thinking what fabric to be used for the coin purses. On Tuesday morning 6am, I started my work by cutting the fabric, batting..... sewn them when I was on the journey to/from work, night time half way guiding my son got his mid-year exam... og gosh! It's really tiring.... at last I managed to make them happened!

Edited picture with front and back of the coin purses

By the time I finished them was already 12am, I couldn't find any wrapper in my house. So I have to DIY a card to tie with a string on them. See how creative I was, haha!

蓝懒猫20层卡套 (客订包) Blue Lazy Cat Card Case (Custom Made Order)

This is the last item from the same customer whom ordered the couple passport holders and traveller pouch. Finally I have cleared her debt, yeh! I don't like for having my customers to have long wait on my items. But as for handmade, sometimes I really need inspiration and motivation, especially for repeated items that I have made before. That explains why so many crafters refuse to have repeated product. Sometimes even using the same fabric but I would modify something to make it different with the one I made before.

This round I purposely took the picture in my dining hall which is just beside the window.... the sunny sunshine made the pictures like "behine the bars" feel, aren't there nice?

Front of the card case

Inside view with the 20 layer card slots

Back side of the card case

Snapped a group photo before posting out

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Notre Dame de Paris Travel Pouch (Custom Made Order)

This is another order from the same customer who ordered the Couple passport holder. She requested to have travel theme fabric so that can match up with the passport holders. So I chose this "Notre Dame de Paris" as the main fabric matched with blue-green checked as the back fabric. Added a stripe for this time so that the pouch can be hang on the neck.

双面蓝调渔夫帽 Reversible Blue Theme Fisherman Hat (Sold)

续上个订单赶完后,我就想做点什么来玩玩。 忽然脑袋瓜就涌现了“帽子” 这个主意。翻了翻书本,就决定了这顶渔夫帽。其实早在布交流会时,我就想过做帽子这玩意了,可是有组员不赞成而因此作罢。这个款看似简单,可是在连接帽顶和帽身时也让我吃了不少苦头哦。

选用了自己一项来很少用了颜色- 蓝色,还好我家布柜里还找的到蓝色的布料,哈哈。。。这一次我家的魔豆换了我家儿子咯!