Sunday, February 26, 2012

"We Are Good Friends" Yuan Bao Bag (Custom Made Order) "我们是好朋友"元宝包 (客订包)

Here is another order from a lady from Penang (this is my second orders received from customers from Penang). She is looking for an enlarge version of yuan bao bag to keep her lunch box. She requested to use the same cotton I have made before. Luckily I still have these 2 pieces of cotton with me!

For the inner, since this will be a lunch box bag, I purposely matched it with the pinky kitchen utensils cotton. Isn't it sweet? Per her request,  I added an opened pocket and a zipped pocket in the bag. Hope she will like it!

Due to raining day yesterday, so I couldn't bring my bag to my green green field to snap pictures. These pictures were taken at my staircase.

Front of the bag

Inside of the bag

15cm zipped pocket

Opened pocket

Side view of the bag (not sure how come my picture is at reversed side)

Bluish & Pinky Keychain Pouches (Custom Made Order) 蓝与粉钥匙包 (客订包)

This is the order from a lady from Penang - for 2 keychain pouches. She chose the main cartoon fabric while I matched with the plain fabric and accessories myself.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Waterproof Tote Bag again! (Custom Made Order) 防水布托特包 (客订包)

这是个没有什么惊喜的包,因为这个包款之前已经做过了。因为是客户指定要这块雾面菱形防水布, 所以没办法啦!这是块很不错的防水布,我个人很爱哦! 可惜裁完这个包我的防水布也用完了。


This is exactly the same pattern and same waterproof fabric that I had made before. The customer requested to use back the same waterproof fabric. This is such a good quality waterproof fabric from Taiwan which is one of my favourite fabric too。

The customer requested to have same design but with zip on the top. So I did not make major change on it, the same as I did before - an open pocket & a zip pocket, just this round I added another small open pocket inside the big open pocket, made it a 2-in-1, hehe...

Hope she will like it and thank you for her patience on my bag!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

寄卖的20 层卡套 Card Cases for Consignment (All Sold)

这些是打算寄卖的卡套, 因为觉得这个卡套蛮好用,找起卡片来很容易,所以就情不自禁的又做了三咖。我想近期里我应该不会再做了。要让灵感休息休息,去想其它的包了 (当然还欠的一个订单我一定会完成它)。

Thursday, February 9, 2012

20-slot Card Case Again!

Another 2 more 20-slot card cases ordered by the manicure lady after her friend and mum saw her Paris Tower card case. She required a brown and a purple card case, the rest will let me to handle. This is the way I like where I could design myself from top to bottom rather some fixed rules set by the customers!

Since the brown one is for her friend, so I designed something cute but not as colourful as per her request. While the one for the young and pretty mummy, I used the tiny purple roses matched with purple polka dot.

There are just so nice that I really want to have them for my own use!

Purple Roses 20-slot card case

Front view

 Back view

Inside Card Compartment

Overall view

Doggies Walking Card Case

Front view

Inside Card Compartment

Overall view

Group Photo

Saturday, February 4, 2012



我一连串的缝了五个手握包,这款包真的是做不腻也!今天下午才把她们送过去手心手作那,刚刚被告知卖出了一个了! 哇,开心死了!