Sunday, March 20, 2016

World Cities Sling Bag (Ready Stock)

Due to my recent class at Heart Handy last Saturday, I purposely made this bag as a revision (since I have not sewn this bag for quite some time, hehe...). The fabric chosen was one of my favourite, thought it's only 0.5 meter so I haven't used it at all. Finally decided to turn it into a nice sling bag to be carried around the world.

Measurement: 40 x 28 x 12 cm
Fabric used: quality US cotton & taiwan canvas
With a 20cm zip pocket & 2 opened pocket inside the bag

Love Yuyale Mini Backpack (Ready Stock)

I really fell in love with this sky blue "Love Yuyale" cotton linen when I first met her in Taiwan. Frankly speaking, I seldom like blue fabric but I really can't help with this cute & fresh fabric :-)

Hello Kitty Mini Backpack (Custom Made)

After the first attempt succeeded (the Minnie Backpack), I continued to cut the fabrics for another 3 mini backpack as I suddenly recall there are another 2 little girls who will be celebrating their birthday in March & April.

Found this Hello Kitty Japanese cotton linen from my fabric closet and decided to turn it into a mini backpack.

The little girl who received this backpack has told me that she likes it very much!

Monday, March 7, 2016

PU Leather Bear Key Chains

Both sides are having different views.

Vintage Flowers Baby Walking Booties (Custom Made Order)

Minnie Backpack (Custom Made Order)

A mini backpack for a little girl which going to be 3 years old in July, hope you are always cheerful & healthy!

Added an open pocket inside of the backpack.
As usual, my daughter is always my all time favourite model!