Sunday, August 21, 2011

海洋风医生口金包 Navy Style Doctor Frame Bag (Sold)

前些时候看到布友们一个两个都做这款包,我也手痒痒想试,一做完订单后就开工。胆粗粗的就照着纸型裁布,看到雪仁说什么要先量口金框先,我是万丈金刚摸不着。。。哎呀,布都裁了怎么办?管不了这么多了,反正这一家的纸型都没有让我出过错,应该都ok 的。我是边缝边心惊啊,一把包接好就迫不及待的把口金装上了,幸好很刚身哦!捏了把冷汗!哈哈!!

I have been aiming to do this bag, bought the doctor frame for quite some time but never got the chance to do. After seeing other crafters sewing this bag, I can't wait to sew one for myself.


其实我好爱这个包哦,可惜这包对我来说有点小,因为我习惯了拿大包包,什么都往里面塞。所以想出让这个海洋风包包, 有兴趣的可以电邮给我

I have chosen this navy style cotton linen, purposely to select 1 side of red and the other side of blue. It's easy for mix match especially when you are wearing with T-shirt & jeans! In fact I like this bag so much, but for a person who likes to dump everything in her bag, this bag is kind of small for me.... so I have no choice but to let go this bag. If nobody likes it, then I will use it for myself la!

Whoever interested in this bag, may write to me at

包的尺寸: Dimension of the bag:
35cm (width) X 26cm (height) X 10cm (base)


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Merry-go-round Multi Purpose Keychain Pouch (Custom Made Order)

Ballerina Pencil Case for my love one

My kids have been making noise whenever see me sewing something in front of the sewing machine. They have requested for pencil cases for quite some time but the answer they got from me was: "after I done this then next will sew for you guys". But this day never happen... until last Saturday after I completed the tote bag, my mood suddenly came to sew for the pencil case. Haha...

This ballerina cotton fabric was chosen by my daughter herself, I matched it with bright pink canvas as the base. She likes both the strawberries & Kitty cat label and couldn't make up her mind which one to choose. So I decided to sew both at two different sides.

See, just nice to fit in all her colour pencils!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

紫罗兰水玉托特包 Purple Violet Tote Bag


小姑要求包包开口处要有拉链,那会比较安全。这有点考倒我了。。。因为大部分书里的托特包是没有拉链的。参考了一些书本再加上自己的想法,就做了这个包。我并不是很满意口布的结合,应该还有更容易的做法, 留待下回研究了。

This tote bag was requested by my sister in-law. She chose the light purple cotton linen and I matched it with dark purple canvas so that it will not look so down. The inner bag is a purple mini polka dot too. This round I sewn a open pocket, a zip pocket & a water bottle holder.

A simple & nice tote bag, this is considered my 1st tote bag besides the testing small tote bag & the one for X'mas gift ex-change. I certainly will sew more in the near future, hehe...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sharmaine 组七月的功课 - 迟到的勇气娃娃