Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pink Lady Marche Bag {Enlarged version} (Custom Made Order)

This bag was ordered by my ex-colleague whose working in JB now. She visited me somewhere in Oct last year. She wanted to order a tote bag with lots of compartment/pockets and must with zips as well.

She changed her mind recently when she saw my Eiffel Tower Marche Bag which I made as another custom made order recently. Due to the limitation in design, I couldn't enlarge the bag too big, just slightly bigger than the original size. It's good to put in purse, handphone, coin purse, tissue and some other small stuffs.

At first I told her she might have to wait till after CNY to get her bag... but during the last minute my mood of turning out the bag came, so managed to turn out the bag in 2 days time, yahoh!

Hope she will like this sweet small bag.

Details of the bag:-

Measurement: 34cm (Wide) X 23cm (Height) X 18cm (Base)
Consists of 2 open pockets inside the bag, 1 zip pocket outside of the bag; 2 zip pockets inside the bag.

The Earth Bag (Custom Made Order)

This order was placed by my kids' Clay teacher at least 6 - 9 months ago. She wanted the color of the bag to be exactly same as shown in the book which is olive green + white. It took me quite some time to get the white canvas, I ordered online 2 times but too bad they are not the pure white I was looking for. I even called up the fabric shop in KL to ask for the pre-order, really a tough job!

Details of the bag:-

Measurement: 43cm (Wide) X 26.5cm (Height) X 16.5cm (Base)
Consists of 6 open pockets (4 outside of the bag with snap buttons, 2 inside of the bag) & 1 25cm long zip pocket.

Purple Polka Dot Multi Pockets Tote Bag (Ready Stock)

It wasn't my plan to use the washed purple polka dot for the pockets, my original plan was to use the circus cotton linen but too bad the fabric I have wasn't enough for it, so plan changed last minute to suit the design.

Details of the bag:-

43cm (Wide) X 26.5cm (Height) X 16.5cm (Base)
Length of the handle: 63cm
Consists of:
~ 6 open pockets (4 outside of the bag with snap buttons, 2 inside of the bag)
~ 1 X 20cm long zip pocket.

Baby Bib (Assignment at Heart Handy)

A simple baby bib as requested by my student. Managed to complete within 3 hours!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Personalised Purple Stamps Pencil Case

Here is another personalised pencil case for my 2nd niece, whom is very close with my son. We always called them "good friends", hahaha...On my last trip back to home town, she reminded me on the handmade pencil case which I have told them I will sew for them (sorry, auntie always have non-stop new ideas pop-up on mind so always forgot about the promises that I have made earlier on...)

This purple cotton linen was imported from Japan, it was sold my one of my craft friends. The fabric is very neat n good quality, like the colourful stamps on them so much!

Personalised Vehicles Pencil Case

I have bought this nice print tiny vehicles cotton from Applemama for quite some time, purposely bought it to make a pencil case for my son whom is deeply in love with cars! Cut the fabrics in one of the handmade class before my China/HK trip, after the trip I totally forgot about the fabric... till the day I urged my son to tidy up his utensils before school re-open. Ya, I supposed to sew a new pencil case for him as I promised, it's time to pay my promise.

He was surprised when he saw this pencil case, yes, I purposely wanted to give him a surprise.

Again, this is hand sew of his name. 
This is the one and only pencil case in the world with his name on it, isn't that  unique?