Sunday, May 19, 2013





My Son's Second School Bag

I have been planning to sew a small school bag for my son, but it was always a plan until my son spoilt 3 of my recycle bags... I know I must start my work otherwise my recycle bags will be reducing very soon.

This was using a super thick canvas without any batting or stabilizer, just a simple design, no zip, no pocket. Oh ya, I added the racing car hand draw panel in front as a decoration as well as front pocket. I completed the bag in 2 nights time, super duber fast. My son even can't imagine on his mummy's speed, haha...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best Time To Visit Paris Card Case (Custom Made Order)

This card case was ordered by a young lady as the birthday present for her brother. I seldom make stuffs for guys (I admit this) so it took me a while to find out the suitable fabrics for matching.
I received the SMS from the customer immediately after she received the card case that she and her brother like it very much, thank God!