Sunday, April 22, 2012


有了去年的“临时抱佛脚”,今年我就做了改变不再等到最后一星期才来动工了。所以呢,这次的长夹我在没有什么压力的情况下,慢功出细货的花了一个星期的时间完成。然后又因为害怕画眼晴,而拖拉了一个星期。 昨晚跟自己说交期要到了啦,一定要拿出勇气来画了。。。 没办法只好硬着头皮把眼晴给画上去咯,幸好还画的挺满意的。

Couple Travel Story Passport Holder (Custom Made Order) 夫妻档旅行护照套 (客订)

This is my first time to make couple items, hehe... a mum to-be placed her order about a month ago, 2 of them is this couple passport holder. The only requirement is to use travel theme fabric, the rest will let me to handle.

I chose 2 different views of the Eiffel Tower from a same piece of panel linen matched with checked cotton linen, so that it looks simple and not too flowery. Brown+blue checked is for husband while red+blue is for the wife. Hope they will like them.

The inside of the passport holder - 4 big slots which can keep at least 4 passports and 3 small card slots for cards, boarding pass & air ticket.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

五月份夏天散步的手作题目~ 绿色版海洋风护照套 (Sold)


因为我的学生钟爱绿色,所以我特地选了这块棉麻布。果然不出我所料,上个星期六上课时,她一看到这个护照套就说她也要一模一样的布料。就连才刚加入的新同学也爱绿色,她也要同样的一块布,oh my god, 我真的是要晕了!





Thursday, April 5, 2012

红格子波士顿包 Red Checked Boston Bag

Another new product in my handmade life - Boston Bag. Has been looking forward to sew this bag since long time ago. However, it has been delayed and forgotten until my sister told me she likes this pattern and I suddenly remember that this pattern was in my To-Do List! So after completed the previous order, I immediately found out the pattern and chose the suitable fabric for it.

The sewing is quite simple but the progress of combining the bag body to the side piece was bit tough for me. I have been using both machine & hand sew in order to combine them. Anyhow, the outcome is just superb! I like this bag, the content is quite big, can fill in lots of stuffs, and I have purposely added 2 D-rings so that it can be used as sling bag as well. Guess I will be doing a 2nd Boston very soon...

One open pocket in front & 2 open pockets by the sides

Bottom of the bag

2 open pockets inside

1 zip pocket inside

Measurement: 32cm X 27cm

Materials used:
Quality Cotton Linen with fully stabilized
Quality Taiwan canvas for the handles with stabilized
*This bag will come along with the PU leather sling handles as well

Sunday, April 1, 2012

蓝版海洋风卡套 (客订) Navy Blue Card Case (Custom Made Order)

This order came in together with the Brown version navy card case, but due to that customer was urgently requesting the card case so I had made the brown one earlier. This is the no.8 card case that I had sewn before, it appears to be one of the top selling items in my blog shop as well, hehe.... ya, in fact this is not only a card case but can be multi tasked especially when you are travelling, it can keep up to 4 passports, boarding pass, credit card and etc... It is very useful indeed.

This customer is my ex-colleague whom has seen my product on FB and contacted me for ordering. She has received the case awhile ago and here is what she has published on FB, I like her comment so much! Thanks, my dear for the lovely comment!