Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Marine M size 3-layer clutch

A to Z Sling Bag

I like sling bag, especially when I go for shopping or sighseeing, it's so much easier to carry ir around compared to tote bag.

First time to explore on this zipper closure. 

The grey "HANDMADE" label bought by my hubby from Havant, like it so much!

Added a compartment in front of the zipper pocket.

3 open pockets at the other side of the bag.

Elegant English Roses Reversible Hat

Sometimes I do get bored in bag making, so purposely tried something different than bag. Saw this big hat from the craft book and it reminded me this item did appear in my "wish-to-do list" before. So without further delay, I started the project after finding the matching fabrics.

See, how nice the hat is, right?!

Purple Ballerina Large Tote (Custom Made Order)

This order came from the young mummy who ordered the pink Ballerina card case + few other things from me and this is the last item from her order list. She wanted a big tote bag, mimicking the Longchamp Large Tote that carried by her friend.

It took me some time to find the purple color handle + cover set to match with the purple cotton linen. I seldom encounter nice purple fabric, and this Ballerina is definitely one of them!