Tuesday, April 4, 2017

黑溜溜的波士顿包 Black Boston Bag

My second bag of the year 😁, yes, it's true... In fact I have sewn this bag back in October last year, just left the bias tape for the inner bag. I was then busy for the Portugal Art Market so have to put the last step aside. Finally I remembered the existance of this bag last week and decided to complete the last part. Ta Ta, here it comes...

Measurement: 36cm X 28cm X 10cm
Made with:-
~ No.8 Taiwan canvas as the outer
~ Taiwan quilted cotton as inner
~ Taiwan waterproof fabric as the base
Quality short handle & sling handle
Quality leather label

Sanitary Pouch 棉棉包

1) Yellow Cat - available

2) Blue Cats - available

3) Yellow Pooh - sold

4) Blue Polka Dot - sold

 5) Pink Ballerinas - available

6) Peach Leaves - available

7) Brown Crocodiles - available

8) Hello Kitty - available

Dolls for Shanti Rani Project

My friend organised a project to collect those unwanted soft toys/dolls for those kids in the poor countries. My daughter refused to donate her soft toys out so I have to make them myself by no choice 😂

Paris Bucket Bag 巴黎水桶包

Be frank this was my bag for Chinese New Year. Well, I will try to get myself a new bag every year as long as I could 😅 . The idea of this bag came from the backpack I made before. Simply altered the height & ignored the top frame part, so it became a simple bucket bag. 

Measurement: 29cm X 28cm X 15cm