Sunday, July 28, 2013

Yao Market (27/07/13)

杂货风休闲斜挎包 (Sold)

甜妈方包 (Sold)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fashion Show Zipped Long Purse (Purple)

Fashion Show Zipped Long Purse (Bluish Green)

This fabric was from a big panel, the moment I received the fabric I knew I will turn them into long purse, and this is the way they go...

Winnie the Pooh Mini Round Coin Purses

Winnie the Pooh has been one of my favourite cartoon figure since my childhood. Like this fabric so much and decided to turn them into coin purse. Due to the picture is very small and in order not to spoil the fabric so much, I have reduced the size of the coin purse to 8.5cm. They are just nice to hold in hand and so adorable!

Group photos with the brothers and sisters:-

Army Green Logo 3-Folded Long Purse

Group photos for all the 3 long purses:-

English Wording Zakka Feel 3-Folded Long Purse (Sold)

Pink Brownish 3-Folded Long Purse

This purse was requested by one of my student for her handmade project, I drew the pattern myself + some modification from other pattern of long purse. I found it quite user friendly than the zipper type so decided to sew them as well.

Italy Boutique Waterproof Bag (Sold)

Army Green Zakka Tote Bag (Sold)

This is the 3rd bag I made in this design, simply just like the design, could be casual or formal, I think I will do it in other color combination again!

The matching this round is army green no.8 canvas with the little green checked which I purposely ordered to match with this army green no.8 canvas. Simple n nice!