Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2011年相約拼布被_可愛娃娃與甜蜜糕點_第三回合 2011 Shinnie Quilt #3


Monday, June 13, 2011

六月Sharmaine 组的父亲节礼物 - 蓝蓝的旅游随身包 June's Assignment - Travel Pouch


我的手作布落格是难的会有蓝色的踪迹,无奈老公大人深爱蓝色,所以就配了这个包。 我自己看了也爱哦!

紫色三姐妹万用钥匙包 (客订) Purple 3 Sisters Multi Purpose Key Chain Pouch (Custom Made Order)



I have "heard" about this order for quite some time but no confirmation from the real customer. Until about a month ago, I received a phone call from a young lady saying that she's someone's sister and would like to order 3 multipurpose key chain pouches, all required in purple color. This lady is my ex-colleague's youngest sister, so co-incidently all the 3 sisters from their family have ordered from me before.

To be frank, purple is my favourite color and thus I have plenty of purple fabrics so I have no problem in matching the fabrics. At the end I managed to mix & match 3 difference style key chain pouches, hope the 3 ladies will like them.

大头娃娃侧背包 Red Big Head Doll Sling Bag

这块棉麻有好多款漂亮的图,我也很伤脑筋在选图上。 可是又不能整个包都红彤彤的,所以就配了黑色的酒袋布。幸好效果还令我满意。

I have made another type of sling bag, this is the special order by my eldest niece. She has chosen the fabric since December last year during her visit to my house but I dragged until now only completed it!
This cotton linen is really bright with many patterns, It was really headache to decide which pattern to be used on the bag, which I can't choose all the pattern otherwise it will looks all RED on the bag. At the end I matched it with black canvas (my favourite fabric!).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Applemama 2nd Giveaway Contest(01/06/2011~10/06/2011)

Applemama 2nd Giveaway Contest(01/06/2011~10/06/2011)
It has been long long time I did not held giveaway.
This time I will give out cash voucher instead of gift. You can use it when you buy materials from Applemama Patchwork Heaven.

There will be 3 prizes.
1st prize: MYR60.00 cash voucher
2nd prize: MYR40.00 cash voucher
3rd prize: MYR20.00 cash voucher

Pls note that all the cash vouchers strictly not exchangeable for cash, and not valid for promotion items.
It is only valid for the purchase from the date of issue onwards. It is valid for 4 mths from the date of issue.

How to join this giveaway?
1. Click "Like" on Applemama Patchwork Heaven Fan Page.
2. Post this giveaway in your blog OR in your FB
3. Pls leave me message under this post saying you wanna join this giveaway and you have done step 1&2 PLUS the link of your post. And tell me where you get to know about Applemama's Giveaway Contest.

Result of the giveaway will be announced on 16/06/2011.