Monday, March 30, 2015

Sweet Pink Polka Dot Baby Booties

This baby booties is specially made for my Sister in-law's daughter which turns into 1 this month. Hope she's growing up well & healthy!

Using the anti-slip fabric for the base of the booties.

Ballet Shoes Pencil Cases

1) Peach Leaves 

2) Pink Pussy Cat

3) Little Owls (reserved)

4) Bluish Green Tiny Flowers

5) Yellowish Pussy Cat

6) I Love Ribbons (reserved)

Couple Paris Tower Passport Holder (Custom Made Order)

This couple passport holder was ordered by a lady from Singapore as the birthday gift for her boyfriend. This is the first time I accepted an overseas order & had learnt how to deal through Paypal.

Measurement: 10cm X 15cm (closed), 20cm X 15cm (opened)
Details: 2 big slots ideal for passports, 1 slot ideal for boarding pass/air ticket & 4 card slots.

Reindeers' Shoes Pencil Case

I have been quite lazy to update my products here, mainly because of my hectic work schedule. When I finally decided to update my blog here, then I found out that I am unable to log into my blog, og my gosh.... it really drove me crazy! Luckily I am now able to be blogging again....

This ballet shoes pencil case was done before in Jan but I didn't got the chance to update it until now. It was a trial version and ended up it has become my daughter's belonging now.

A joke which my daughter shared with me: she brought this pencil case to school & had it placed on the desk, one of her little friend came to her & scolded her: "Why you bring your shoes to school?"