Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mini Dress Key Pouches

These were for my friends to sell in Stella Market on this coming (12 &13 July) & next weekends ( 19 & 20 July) at One Utama Shopping Mall. I have only been given a short period to come out something, in order to make it fast I decided to sew this dressy key pouches. It took me 3 days to complete all of them.

Mini Dress Key Pouch

While looking for a bag pattern, I accidentally found the tutorial of this Mini Dress Key Pouch which I have bought in May 2011. Ha, that has been a long period ha (guess what, I have many more material kits that have bought and still kept on my shelves).

It wasn't difficult to work on this mini dress, in fact I was thinking I may work out a bigger size for my daughter! Well, that will be added into my wish list too...

New Try - Embroidery: By The Sea

I always wanted to try new things, crochet, knitting, leather, decoupage, ..... many many more, embroidery is one of them. During my last 2 years trip to South China, I was attracted by an embroidery craft book and finally bought it back. Well, it was always in my wish list to start a simple one but plan never come through until recently after I have completed my custom made orders & really have the passion to start a simple one.

Chosen this simple yet adorable By The Sea simply attracted by the bear in pink dress, the sandals, the ship, the crab, the sea birds, the goggles, the submarine ..... later on may turn it into a simple tote bag or just frame it up, depends on my mood later on...

Navy Blue Concise Bag ver. 2.0 (Custom Made Order)

It has been a long time since my last post, in fact I am getting very busy on my work since early May due to both of my superiors are out of office, so I am on my own since then. The pressure I am getting from work place has made me very down and sometimes really no mood to blog. But it never stops me from doing my craft work as I believe through sewing I could release some of my pressure getting from work. Thus, sewing never stop from my daily routine, no matter how busy I am, I will make sure I have a small project to work on. This is my passion & persistence on hand crafting.

After my mumbling, here is the custom made order - concise bag that I have made in middle of June. The customer wants the same pattern of the Navy Concise Bag that I have made earlier but she wants the entire bag in dark blue, even including the bottom of the bag. So I have to redo the bag from fresh. Besides that she also requested to add in 2 pen slots in the inner bag.

 This bag could be turned into a sling bag by adding the sling handle (which is not in this picture).