Sunday, April 27, 2014

Owl Love Single Quilt (Custom Made Order)

Another owl love panel quilt ordered by a FB friend whom loves owl very very much. She even showed me her handmade owl bag as well, really an owl fans.

I purposely paused a while to start this quilt from the last I made, so that I will not repeat the same design as the previous one. This round the quilt is with batting. Quilting is definitely not an easy task for such a big size of quilt, thank God that I am able to complete it.

measurement: 150cm x 205cm




对了,这个包可说是95% 纯手缝的哦,因为这次老师给的时间很宽裕,就心想挑战自己来个手缝吧。不过美中不足的是,侧边的直线压线我还是弃手缝用车缝,嘿嘿。。。