Monday, September 23, 2013

Grey Polka Dot Clutch 小灰点点支架口金包

A medium size handy clutch to fill in your personal stuffs, could be served as a small organizer in your hand bag.

Measurement: 17cm (width) X 10cm (height) X 6cm (base)

Suomi Finland Clutch (Ready Stock) 北欧风小木马支架口金包 (现货)

A small & handy clutch, could be a good assistance to your handbag to store some small items such as lipstick, oil balm, medicine, compact mirror ... etc.

Measurement: 12cm (width) X 10cm (height) X 8cm (base)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pink Polka Dot Frame Bag (Available) 粉点迷情包 (现货)

A big bag which can fill in lots and lots of stuff, which is typically one of my favourite... hope she will find her admirer.

Measurement: 42cm X 28cm X 13cm
2 open pockets
1 20cm zipped pocket

Personalised Key Fobs (Custom Made Order)

A form 5 student ordered some key fobs with names to be sewn on them individually. Sorry for dragging the order so long and of course thanks to her patience for the orders to be done.

Colourful Key Fobs