Sunday, January 29, 2012

芭蕾舞者一字型口金包 (现货待售) Le Ballet Coin Purse (Ready Stock for Sale)


Nothing to do during CNY time at home, wasn't in the mood to sew big bag. So found some DIY pack which I have bought some time ago and started on this Le Ballet Coin Purse. It's pretty simple and I managed to complete in the same day.

Inside with a zipped pocket and opened pocket.

See, my cutie has volunteerly to become my model!

Who ever interested may e-mail to me.

Doggie Footprint Pencil Case for my son

Whenever my son sees me working on something, for sure he will ask me: mummy, you keep on sewing for other people, when will be my turn for my pencil case??? Finally I felt guilty when I saw his Ben 10 pencil case has a small hole on it, and his pencils easily dropped out from there (No wonder he kept on telling me his pencils got lost and asked for a new one!)

This pencil case was completed few days before Chinese New Year but I did not have the time to post it on. He chose the doggie foorprint waterproof fabric as his mummy don't have any vehicle fabric in dark colors for him to choose! He has started to use his new pencil case today, new year with new pencil case!

Monday, January 16, 2012

爱菲铁塔卡片套(客订包) Eiffel Tower Card Case (Custom Made)

美甲师傅续买下了麂皮长夹,向我订了一个可以放20 张卡的卡套。 苦于没灵感,我拖拉了一阵子,一直到要找她做美甲了,才“干愿”开工。 从来没做过这么多夹层的我,还真的有点伤脑筋,用纸张试了之后就开始裁布,结果还是牺牲了1/4尺的布。 幸好第二次的再接再历一次就成功了。

美甲师傅没什么要求,只要求不要粉红色。 所以我就选了这块百看不厌的爱菲铁塔配上她爱的棕色酒袋布。 卡片的间隔则用了艾玛太太家的棕色水玉薄棉麻。 我还加了两个间隔好让她能放些收据什么的。 今天下午交给她时,她好爱哦,太开心了!

My manicure friend ordered another 20-slot card case from me after she bought the long purse I made before. Due to no idea, I have been delayed fro a while until I wanted to call her again for next manicure appointment. Tried it on paper and it worked but failed when I sewn them on fabric. Tried for the 2nd time and thank god, it works!

She didn't have any special requirement, just mentioned no pink and was looking for "something cute". I chose this Eiffel Tower cotton linen matched with brown canvas which is her favourite color. The card slots were the colorful polka dot in brown base. Besides that I added another 2 big slots for her to put in receipts and etc. When I passed to her this afternoon, she was so happy to have it!

The one piece picture of the Eiffel Tower.

Card slot without cards.

Full with 20 cards.

With 2 big compartments.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

清雅朴素的抓皱包 Dusty Pink Canvas Tote Bag

最近很爱一位台湾手作人的作品,她的包大多以素色, 八号帆布,防水布来做题材。在看了她的其中一个包款后,更让我锁定了这就是我要的包款。帆布我是上个月就买到了,就只欠纸型。幸好皇天不负有心人,一位手作友做了同一款的包 而我刚好也有同一本手作书,所以没拖拉很久我就开工了。

因为我想要个很简单朴素的包, 所以选的布料都是很“素”的味道。表布是厚身的帆布(不晓得是不是八号的),口袋及袋底配以英国著名的Cath Kidston 防水布。为甚么袋底我会用防水布呢? 因为很多时候,我们终爱把包包随处放,有时包底脏了都 不知道。 如果包底是防水布的话,那只要用湿布抹一抹就没事了,是不是比较容易打理呢?

Recently I have fallen in love in one of the crafter from Taiwan, I like the style she makes her bag - simple, clean, most of the materials she used are either thick canvas or waterproof fabric, especially I like one of the bag pattern. I managed to find the canvas last month but just lack of the pattern to start. Luckily a close crafter made the same pattern which I have the same book too, so after some minor adjustment on the size, I started my work.

My main idea is to have a clean and simple bag, so I chose this dusty pink canvas as the main fabric, matched with Cath Kidston's waterproof fabricas the side pockets and the base of the bag. Why am I used waterproof fabric as the base? Simply because ladies used to put their bag everywhere, if with the waterproof fabric, then it would be easy to wipe off the dirt. Isn't that a good idea?

Side of the bag, installed the rose shape snap button.
Inside of the bag:

Made some effort on the opened pocket where the left side is a water bottle compartment.
Another side of the bag is a big zipped pocket.

这就是我的新年包包哦,先祝大家:新年快乐, 龙年行大运!
This will be my CNY bag, here I wish everyone: Have a Prosperous DRAGON year!

红色水玉格子零钱包 (客订包)Red Polka Dot & Checked Coin Purse (Custom Made)

一位经常向我订制包包的同事向我订了一个零钱包给妈妈。 零钱包要小,好让妈妈可以把它塞进裤袋里。我选了这块百看不厌的红色水玉格子棉麻当表布,因为妈妈喜欢红色,嘿嘿。。。

Friday, January 6, 2012

红白蓝淑女包 Red White Blue Lady Bag (Sold)




包的尺寸: 43cm (阔) X 22cm (高) X 13cm (底)

This is another red/white/blue matching fabric after the last sling bag, no choice... Chinese New Year is just around the corner, so.... I have spotted this pattern quite long time ago but due to can't fine any suitable fabric. There was one fine day where I saw this canvas fabric in one of the blogshop for pre-order, thus I immediately placed my order. Due to it was a pre-order, it took quite sometime to receive the fabric, by that time my enthusiasm already over! Hey, then during the 1-Jan New Year day when I did nothing at home, I suddenly thought of sewing this bag.

This bag looks very generous but the steps of doing are really a lotttttt! I think if not because I really like this bag I would have stopped half way. Haha! The base of the bag + 2 side pockets are using red PU leather, the outer bag is thick canvas, inner bag is cotton linen, both inner & outer were ironed with thick stabilizer, it was really tough to sew, especially the top zipper side, my "Brother" has started to boicot, so I had no choice but to hand sew them.

This is really a nice bag to be carried out with, if you like her, do drop me an e-mail.

The dimension of the bag is:- 43cm (width) X 22cm (height) X 13cm (base)

Monday, January 2, 2012

红白蓝简易斜背包 Red White Blue Simple Sling Bag (Sold)

这个斜背包其实早就做好了,等着日字扣来自制提把。收到扣也已经是2011 年的最后一天了,心想要不就等2012 才把它贴上来吧!

这是个简单利落的斜背包,不花俏,够大方,两面都有不同的设计哦!是我个人蛮喜欢的风格。出门和朋友喝茶,装个i-pad 都不成问题。值得一提的事,这还是我第一次DIY我店名的布标哦!

有兴趣的朋友可以联络我 -

I have completed this sling bag for quite some time before but was pending for the triglide set to make the handle. By the time I received the triglide set was already 31/12, so purposely delayed the posting to year 2012.

This is a simple sling bag, with different designs on both sides. This is one of my favourite patterns as well! You may bring it out for a drink, put in your i-pad is not a problem. I have even used my shop chop to create my 1st DIY label!

If you are interested, please contact me at