Monday, November 29, 2010

米奇万能钥匙包(客订) Mickey Mouse Keychain Pouch (Custom Made Order)

这个米奇万能钥匙包也是同一位同事订的,要拿来送给友人当圣诞礼物。她选了米奇的布料,其他的就由我一手包办。我蛮享受从选布,配布, 到配零件的过程的,就好像为一个没生命的娃娃一个小生命一样。 This Mickey Mouse keychain pouch is ordered by the same colleague as well, she ordered this for her good friend's x'mas present. She chose the Mickey Mouse fabric and let me mix and match the rest. I really enjoy the process of matching up...

包包的里袋我也选了老鼠的布料哦!The inner pouch is also a mice fabric, just nice to match with the Mickey Mouse fabric!

还是客订包。。。Custom Made Order again...

以下是同事订的风车拼布化妆包, 和我之前做的一模一样,只是尺寸小了一点,颜色换了粉蓝色。

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Busy November with custom made order.... 忙碌的十一月

这一个月说有多忙就有忙,忙着收拾家(装修后整个家惨不忍睹),忙着赶订单。话说老板安排我上了一个培训,就这么阴差阳错下认识了这位顾客,她的来头可不小,是个正式律师,也是个业余培训员(trainer)。她和我订了两个口金包,送给她妈妈的生日礼物。可是时间很赶,我必须在一周的时间里把两个口金包缝好。那无疑对我这大忙人来说是个挑战。 结果这过去的一周,我天天都活在恐惧之中,哈哈。。。幸好还是把它们给赶出来了。
I was extremely busy this month, having relatives visit in the early of the month, then started to clean my house after house renovation, bit by bit until finally the last set of wall cabinet has been fixed in.... In my training for the last 2 wks, I had a chance to present my hobby/interest/talent - which is my handmade, hehe.... and from there I got to know her, a lady who likes to speak (at least in my opinion), whom is a certified lawyer and part time trainer too. She was quite impressed with my handmade and wanted to order 2 coin purses for her mum's birthday present. I only been given a week to complete the purses, my god.... tension.... finally I managed to completed the 2 coin purses within the timeline.

1) 10。5cm 的三片式口金包(10.5cm 3pc Coin Purse)
我用了10。5cm 的口金框,包型则是13。5cm 的纸型。原本她向我订了两个 9。5cm 的口金包, 可是因为她提到想让妈妈带着出门,所以我想应该做个大一点的包包吧。
This is my 1st time to sew such a big coin purse, due to the limitation frame I have + time is not allowed, I use the 10.5cm frame and 13.5cm pattern to sew this purse. The product is very big, it can be used as a small handbag. In fact I came out with this design without asking her permission first, coz her original idea was to sew two same size coin purses (9.5cm) but I made my mind to change one of them to a bigger size since she mentioned to me that want to let her mum carry out the bag for shopping.

2)9。5cm 四片式口金包(9.5cm 4pc coin purse)


This coin purse I followed her original idea of 9.5cm. Well, this one could serve as coin purse or small cosmetic pouch to keep lipsticks or etc.

两个包包的布料都是那位律师选的,因为她妈妈爱红色,也爱花,所以特别色声明一定要有这两样原素。包包也缝上了妈妈的名字 - Jasmail。
Both fabrics were chosen by the lawyer, her mum likes red + flowers, so both purses are having the similarities - red + flowery. And not to forget the purses have her mum's name on it - Jasmail. I am taking the opportunity here to wish Mdm Jasmail: Happy Birthday on 29-Nov!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

第一个贴布口金包 My 1st Patchwork Coin Frame Purse

努力了近两周, 终于都把这第一个贴补口金包给完成了。真的是捏了把冷汗也!虽然已经知道这应该是不简单的事,也早做了心理准备,可是在缝制的当儿,还是吃了不少苦头。一个看似简单的娃娃与棉羊缝起来也蛮吃力的。在缝缝拆拆的情况下,终于都顺利的完成。蛮享受它的过程的,虽然困难重重,哈哈。。。

After stuggling for 2 weeks, finally I am able to share my "hard" work here, it's a patchwork coin frame purse. This is my 1st time to try on this kind of patchwork and I almost gave up when started to sew, coz I couldn't even hold the small tiny fabric tight! But I told myself mustn't give up! Finally I managed to complete the coin purse yesterday.