Sunday, June 13, 2010

Felt Cakes Gift Box

This is my 1st felt cakes gift box for my good fren. Knowing she's under work pressure recently, so I purposely prepare something to enlighten her days. Maybe this may not help her much, but at least can make her smile for a few seconds.

I plan to come out more of these felt desserts' gift box in the near future. Even think of making a big cake for birthday gift, isn't is a good idea?
There was an ex-colleague of mine who fell in love with my felt dessert, and wanted to order in bulk for her wedding door gift, but due to some reason, she had dropped this idea.
For those who would like something extra ordinary for your party door gift, this maybe a new idea for you. FYI, individual packing can be done with just a few pennies extra.

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