Sunday, October 10, 2010

Red Crown & Paris Tower Cosmetic Pouch (Custom Made Order)

This cosmetic pouch is ordered by a lady whom was my ex-colleague's sister. She told me she's looking for something for her colleague as farewell present. The clue she gave me is her colleague likes red, most of her items are red so decided to choose red for the cosmetic pouch.

I have used different picture for both sides of the pouch - Paris Tower & Crown. This fabric is quite simple and plain but after matching with the red thick fabric as base and the lacey zip, it just works nice! I hope what I have designed can suit her taste.
For the inner pouch, I have used a bright red with full of LOVEs....


hoyoyi said...

I love the color and fabric matching!

Sharmaine's Handmade Haven said...

thank u, hoyoyi!