Sunday, November 7, 2010

第一个贴布口金包 My 1st Patchwork Coin Frame Purse

努力了近两周, 终于都把这第一个贴补口金包给完成了。真的是捏了把冷汗也!虽然已经知道这应该是不简单的事,也早做了心理准备,可是在缝制的当儿,还是吃了不少苦头。一个看似简单的娃娃与棉羊缝起来也蛮吃力的。在缝缝拆拆的情况下,终于都顺利的完成。蛮享受它的过程的,虽然困难重重,哈哈。。。

After stuggling for 2 weeks, finally I am able to share my "hard" work here, it's a patchwork coin frame purse. This is my 1st time to try on this kind of patchwork and I almost gave up when started to sew, coz I couldn't even hold the small tiny fabric tight! But I told myself mustn't give up! Finally I managed to complete the coin purse yesterday.

1 comment:

Nana said...

although is first time doing..but the output still great.

Next one sure will be better dear~ ^^