Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ballerina Pencil Case for my love one

My kids have been making noise whenever see me sewing something in front of the sewing machine. They have requested for pencil cases for quite some time but the answer they got from me was: "after I done this then next will sew for you guys". But this day never happen... until last Saturday after I completed the tote bag, my mood suddenly came to sew for the pencil case. Haha...

This ballerina cotton fabric was chosen by my daughter herself, I matched it with bright pink canvas as the base. She likes both the strawberries & Kitty cat label and couldn't make up her mind which one to choose. So I decided to sew both at two different sides.

See, just nice to fit in all her colour pencils!


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Sharmaine's Handmade Haven said...

哈哈,那天艾玛太太一上线就说我和你的包一模一样。。。 不过你的比较多工吧?这款包怎么做呢?