Monday, December 12, 2011

塞纳河畔的埃菲尔铁塔包 Eiffel Tower Marche Bag

不要问我为甚么这个包的名字这么长,我只是照着布料来命名,呵呵。。。这个包是特地缝给一位多年不见的好友, 知道她病了可是身在200 公里以外的我却没有办法给与关怀,心里一直都很过意不去。想来想去就想说做个包好让她能够带在身边,见包如见人吧!这个包的配色都是凭自己以往对她的了解而配的,希望她会喜欢!


This small and cute bag is for my best friend whom has not met for many years. Knowing that she is sick and besides giving my advice I couldn't help her much. So finally I decided to sew a bag for her, at least to encourage her to be brave to confront with her illness. The matching on the fabric and colors were from what I have been knowing her in the past 20 years, hope she will like the matching!

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