Wednesday, March 21, 2012

8.5cm Coin Frame Purse - March Assignment at Heart Handy

I started to have my handmade class in Heart Handy since March. This is something I never thought it would happen on me 2 years ago but I had my dream come dream now, really thanks to Heart Handy for making my dream come alive.

My 1st class was to make the 8.5cm coin frame purse. This is also one of the project I started off when I firstly knew about handmade. For me, it wasn't a too difficult project for a beginner furthermore due to the limitation in hand sew, it seems to me I don't really have many choices.

My teaching method is to sew once in front of the student and let her to follow my way through. So these are the purses I sewn during the classes. And they are sitting at Heart Handy waiting for their owner to bring them home.



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