Thursday, December 13, 2012

Purple Romantic Card Case

This fabric has been lying in my fabric cabinet for at least a year ago. Sometimes when I see some fabrics, I really have the "Love at first sight" feel, so don't care what will I use it for, just grab and buy it before I feel regret for it, haha.... I love purple, purple has been in my life since decades ago (sounds like I am really old huhhhh)....

While doing custom order on this card case, I feel like doing a few extra to be parked at Heart Handy. The last two have been sold out quite some time ago and I guess it is time for me to park some new items there. This is a bit rough canvas with nice diamond shapes on it. I just simply fall in love for  its simplicity and the zakka feel. Hope someone who has the same taste with me will like it and buy it home.

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