Tuesday, March 27, 2012

第二批的三层手握包 2nd batch of 3-Layer Clutches

第二次做三层手握包, 因为第一批的反应还不错,所以乘胜追击,赶紧又选布裁了十一个包(这里只上了九个,因为一个已经交货了,另一个里布出了状况。)这次九个都有不同的风味而每一个都是我细心挑选布料和配搭的哦,我每一个都爱。



1)防水布粉色花朵 (Reserved)

2) 军绿色Logo

3) 黑色玫瑰

4)粉蓝水玉 (Reserved)

5) 红白鱼骨 (Sold)

6) 可爱的青蛙 (第一张图拍不出那鲜艳的黄色,第二张图才是原来的黄色)



9)粉色甜美草莓 (Sold)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

粉色女子生活托特包 Pink Cotton Tote Bag (Sold)


这次选了这块买了很久却不曾用过的棉布,取图上故意用了前后都一样的布料, 很棒的一块布,每一个图都很美哦, 害我忧豫该如何下手。
里布用了鲜艳的粉色水洗线条棉麻, 手感一流。

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pinky Ballerina Multipurpose Key Chain Pouch

This is a birthday present for one of my craft friend. I know she likes pink color very much so chose this pinky and sweet ballerina cotton linen for her. I even sewn her name at the back of the pouch!




High Heel Multipurpose Key Chain Pouch (Custom Made Order)

This high heel key chain pouch was ordered by a lady from the North. She was recommended by another craft friend of mine, thanks to May for recommending this customer to me!

The reason she chose this high heel cotton is because she is a tall lady (even taller than her hubby) and so no chance to wear high heel shoes, so she wish to have this fabric for her key chain pouch. In order to fulfill her dream, I have purposely choose the fabric to have a pair of flat shoes surrounded by many pairs of high heel shoes. Hope she would like it!

8.5cm Coin Frame Purse - March Assignment at Heart Handy

I started to have my handmade class in Heart Handy since March. This is something I never thought it would happen on me 2 years ago but I had my dream come dream now, really thanks to Heart Handy for making my dream come alive.

My 1st class was to make the 8.5cm coin frame purse. This is also one of the project I started off when I firstly knew about handmade. For me, it wasn't a too difficult project for a beginner furthermore due to the limitation in hand sew, it seems to me I don't really have many choices.

My teaching method is to sew once in front of the student and let her to follow my way through. So these are the purses I sewn during the classes. And they are sitting at Heart Handy waiting for their owner to bring them home.



9.5cm Coin Frame Purses

These 2 coin frame purses made before my UK trip last year. I was supposed to consign to Heart Handy but then decided to give them to my UK counterparts as souvenirs. But at the end, only the blue cat has been given away, the red polka dot+checked is still with me, and it has been used as my sample for my March's handmade class in Heart Handy.


Brown Navy Card Case (Custom Made Order)

There has been some time after my last post. Ya, I am getting lazy to write & publish the post in my blog. Most of my time have been spent in my sewing room, sewing one after another projects.

This card case was ordered by my manicure friend as well. She is indeed my great customer, ordered 4 card cases from me in total. She wanted something simple and in brown color. So I chose this brown navy cotton linen and matched with dark brown cotton linen. The overall view looks clean and neat, wasn't it?

Due to the customer has waited for long time, so I purposely rushed out this for her. I even sewn the bias tape in my journey to/from work! So the picture below was taken in the car!