Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Black & White 2-Way Tote Bag (Custom Made Order)

This 2-way tote bag was ordered by a very patience lady from north. Why I say so? Because we have been communicating about this order since mid Feb until I finally posted out her bag yesterday! I do feel guilty to her due to the delay, in fact I have completed the bag in April but couldn't find a suitable sling handle to match with the bag, so kept on searching one by one. Finally found it from Happymama Shop in May.

This is a very simple tote bag, no fancy fabric, just in black & white canvas. Well, the more simple it is, the tougher to turn it into a shinning bag. Along the making process, I was stucked by the zipper opening and continued again. On and off, enjoyed the process of making, this is the beauty of handmade.

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