Tuesday, November 12, 2013

宜家简约风防水两用包 Simple Style Waterproof 2-Way Bag

好长的一段日子没缝包包给自己了,总是在想个最适合的包款,要可以肩背的,好带去上班。要可以斜背的,好让我出门走街方便。要够大的, 好让我能装的下书本(我的包包里时常都带着一本书本)。想啊想,结果都没适合的。一直到在七月的手作市集里买了个支架斜背包,让我爱上了这款设计,可惜包包太小了,搞得我每次都要在两个包包之间换来换去的,真麻烦!心想该是做个大包来稿赏自己了,嘿嘿嘿。。。

选布料上也让我伤脑筋, 该选棉布,棉麻,八号帆布还是防水布呢??? 基于拿不定主意,我又把做包的事耽搁了。。。拖到不能再拖了,就一股作气的把她给完成了,满足!喜欢简单zakka 风,没有多余的装饰,这就是我的style!


Finally made another bag for myself... I am a very greedy person (which I admit myself), I want my bag to be big enough to store all my belongings, it must be an OL bag for me to carry to work and could be as sporty as a sling bag to accompany me for shopping. So this is the outcome... purposely chose waterproof fabric so that it could be more user friendly especially when I carry it for sightseeing.

The handle can be adjusted to be sling handle!

用了在英国Bath 买的 “madeby me” 布标,特别吧?!
A special "made by me" fabric mark bought from Bath, UK, hehe...

Measurement: 34cm(width) X 28cm(height) X 14cm (base)

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