Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Personalized Bag - Tibet Square 2-Way Bag 打造我的完美包 - 西藏方型两用包

I have been seeing this pattern quite frequently either from shopping malls or web, the simple yet elegant pattern has attracted me. Well, ever since I know how to sew bags, it's very rare for me to buy bags outside. Even if I have spotted any pattern that I like, I will try to memorize it & try to duplicate myself. So I drew the pattern myself in accordance to the size & my own requirement.

It was really a miserable decision to confirm on the fabrics & color used. I was struggling on few selections & finally decided to go for black & red as it is the most simplest way for casual use + easy to manage (dirt will not be visible on black fabric, hehe...) My sister commented that the matching is sort of like Tibet style, so it has become the name of my bag.

I have added a few pockets/compartments so that my small little accessories could be placed properly.  

Front of the bag - with an opened pocket.

Back of the bag - with a zipped pocket.

Base on the bag.

Inner bag - with 4 opened pockets & 1 zipped pocket.

I have added the side hooks so that it could be transformed into sling bag too. 

Measurement: 25cm (height) x 40cm (width, the widest) x 12cm (base)
The bag consists of 2 zipped pockets, 5 opened poskets.
Made with quality Taiwan canvas as outer & cotton linen as inner, quality cotton webbing & quality Taiwan sling handle.

If you are interested to have your own personalized bag, welcome to write to me at:

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