Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood on my HP pouch

Have been thinking to make a handphone pouch after seeing those posted by other crafters. Finally my Little Red Riding Hood is out!

The Little Red Riding Hood fabric is from Maymay Shop, a cheerful lady whom is also my regular supplier. You may visit her blog if you are looking for cute, fancy craft items.
I am matching this linen fabric with red polka dot, which has made the pouch become very sharp and delight. Let's see the back part of the pouch:

For the back side, my idea was to have as plain as possible, so I used the plain linen (purchased from Cutie Craft) coz I am thinking to sew my name on it, this seems to be the identity of Sharmaine's product already, haha...
In fact this is only considered a semi-FG, why? coz in the craft book, it supposed to have the cover in front, but after I have combined the pouch, I found this way is also nice without the cover ler... so might just let it as this way la! (actually I m just lazy to hand sew another cover again!)

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