Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 的最后一个订单。。。手机包 (客订单) My last order of 2010... handphone pouch (Custom Made Order)

2010 就快来到尾声了,我也把今年最后一个订单赶完了。心情无比的轻松。这是同样一位同事向我订的手机包,是打算那来送给一位马来朋友当生日礼物的。一直迟迟不开工是因为想做一款之前没做过的,可是脑袋一直没有灵感。一拖再拖,拖到没得拖了也只好硬着头皮做。也许是应为如此,所以成品我很不满意。结果我又裁布重做。
2010 is almost the end, I have finally completed my last order of the year, feel very relief after seeing the pouch! this is the same colleague who has ordered quite many items from me, she ordered this handphone pouch for a Malay friend as birthday present. She has placed the order quite some time ago, but I did not start the work until the deadline is due. I did not have any idea on how to do something differently and this pouch is the 2nd pouch I sew. The 1st one didn't meet my expectation, so I re-do.


When I see the final product, I really like it and I know this one can be sent out.

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