Monday, December 13, 2010

蛋糕派对(客订)Felt Cakes Party (Custom Made Order)

My ex-colleague whom has the same name as mine ordered 10pcs of felt cakes from me for her 3 lovely princesses and niece. As what she has promised them to have "X'mas gift x-change" but never tell them what the gift will be... my colleague requested 10 different design and complicated cakes.

Well, I have done that before so just choose the same pattern I have done before. Maybe too long never sew, I couldn't hold the felt tight during the start of the sewing..... omg...

因为蛋糕是要分给四位小公主的,所以同事要我把它们分别包装。 这三块一盒的是送给三位公主的。

Since the cakes are for 4 little princesses, so it has been requested to pack individually. These 3pc pack is for her 3 lovely princesses.

And this lonely fruit tart is for the niece...
我和同事说,你可以自行搭配, 我没有把盒子钉死。她说回家要抽签决定。哈哈。。。
I told my colleague that she can mix n match later coz I never staple the box. Let her 3 princesses to match n mix what they like.

Here is the group photo.

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