Sunday, August 22, 2010

我的“处女”元宝包 My 1st machine-sew Yuan Bao Bag

This is my 1st handbag using sewing machine. I was attracted by Artchala's Yuan Bao Bag few months ago and that was the first time I got to know about handmade bag. I always wanted to do this bag, but was hesitating to do so with using hand sew, not sure will hand stitches can last long? And also the UPH (Unit per output) will be pretty slow.... Tried to find many excuses for myself and finally when I reached the "cannot tahan" level, then I took out my SmartLady and started to sew...Well, I am quite satisfied with the output in overall, I never expect myself can do a bag le.... for a beginner like me, first time then can have this result should be quite OK liao, isn't it? Hehe.... masuk bakul angkat sendiri... ok, let the photos speak on bahalf now...
In fact this bag is the combination of machine and hand sew, why I say so? because during I was sewing the handle, my sewing machine started to boycott me... I took a few hours to complete the handle, no matter how I scold or beat the machine, it still didn't work.... so no choice I have to back to the hand sew method to combine the outer and inner bag.I chose the Little Animals which just bought from Anita whom is an expert in making Quilt, matching up with the red and white polka dot, isn't it look nice? I plan to do another one by using cotton linen... for inner part, I used the sweet pinky strawberries.

梦寐以求的元宝包终于都完成了。早在一接触手作看到大师Artchala 家的元宝包,我就爱上了。心里就敲定了也要做个来看看。人,真的必须有梦想,那才能朝着梦想前进。

Monday, August 16, 2010

Purple Keychain Pouch Again! (Custom Made Order)

This is my third keychain pouch, so coincidently it is purple colour again, same as per the previous pouch I made. No choice, this special customer of mine likes purple veeeeeeery much, so I have purposely chosen purple fabric to match.


刚开始缝制的时候并没碰到什么难题,就连我有一点担心的贴布缝都顺利过关。心想这一回应该可以早早把功课交上。。。 怎么知道话不能说的太早,当我把整个盒身都缝好后,却发现无法容纳100 张的纸巾盒。糟糕!把家里大大小小的纸巾盒搬出来都没法塞入,我的心顿时冷了半截。距离限期只剩下几天的我不可能再重做了, 所以只好到“吉之岛”找遍合意的纸巾盒来塞咯!
比较有难度的应该就数屋顶的部份了,因为那是半圆形的所以在缝好了要把它翻回来时会有一点难控制它的圆弧度。 再来就是在缝魔鬼贴时,粗糙的那一面尤其困难。

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood on my HP pouch

Have been thinking to make a handphone pouch after seeing those posted by other crafters. Finally my Little Red Riding Hood is out!

The Little Red Riding Hood fabric is from Maymay Shop, a cheerful lady whom is also my regular supplier. You may visit her blog if you are looking for cute, fancy craft items.
I am matching this linen fabric with red polka dot, which has made the pouch become very sharp and delight. Let's see the back part of the pouch:

For the back side, my idea was to have as plain as possible, so I used the plain linen (purchased from Cutie Craft) coz I am thinking to sew my name on it, this seems to be the identity of Sharmaine's product already, haha...
In fact this is only considered a semi-FG, why? coz in the craft book, it supposed to have the cover in front, but after I have combined the pouch, I found this way is also nice without the cover ler... so might just let it as this way la! (actually I m just lazy to hand sew another cover again!)