Wednesday, March 16, 2011

又是一个快乐狗狗钥匙包(客订)Another Happy Doggie Keychain Pouch (Custom Made Order)

儿子背着马儿补习包到Yamaha 学琴,被眼尖的院长看到了,即刻向我订了一个还加了一个钥匙包来送给即将过生日的老师。因为老师的生日在20/3 加上学校放假(Yamaha也跟着放假),所以院长要求我赶一赶。花了两的晚上的时间把这个钥匙包缝好,就连三月的功课我也放一旁。


My son brought the Horse Canvas Tuition Bag to Yamaha for his piano session. The "eye shape" principal saw it and liked it very much, immediately ordered one from me + a keychain pouch for one of the piano teacher as her birthday present. But this order was very rush, I have to stop my on hand project just to complete this one before school holidays start. Luckily it only took me 2 nites to complete.

The principal request a 100% similar pouch as mine. But as picky as me, I don't like to repeat my handmade. Well, I still use the doggie fabric but with some slight changes on it, hehe.... Hope the piano teacher will like it.


Alissa said...

Haha I laughed when I read "eye shape". So cute.

Sharmaine's Handmade Haven said...

Alissa: chinese translation ma! haha...