Friday, March 18, 2011

苹果 i-Mac 笔电包(客订) Apple i-Mac Laptop Sleeve (Custom Made Order)

我老妹的同事买了苹果家的 i-Mac,可是却找不到它的套。所以就向我订了个笔电包来装她心爱的i-Mac. 刚开始我不敢接, 因为我从来就没做过这么高难度的东西,要是做到四不像怎么办?最后还是答应了,就当考验一下自己的工夫吧。

我很怕死,问了很多人的意见在才敢开工,嘿嘿。。。 谢谢雪仁,dawn, 和艾玛太太的指点哦,我才敢胆大大的做起来。

顾客是位年轻又充满朝气的小姐,选了甜美的Ballerina, 要求包包要耐脏的。因为布的另一面是浅褐色,所以我选了深褐色的酒袋布来配这个笔电包。希望她会喜欢 (不喜欢我也没办法了, 哈哈)。。。

My sister's colleague bought a Apple's i-Mac but couldn't find the case for it, so she asked me to sew her a sleeve to keep her beloved i-Mac. In the beginning I dare not accept this order as I have never made this kind of pouch before, I even told my sis to ask her buy from e-bay, haha...
After sometimes, she still came back and asked me the same thing. OK la, I accepted her request, just treat it as a challenge la...

It took me about a week to really work on the sleeve, I asked around for those expert to make sure that my idea is good and workable. Special thanks to Sharon, Dawn & Mrs. Emma.

The customer is a young and active lady, she has chosen the light brown Ballerina fabric and requested to have a dark sleeve so that it will not get dirt easily. Since she has made a special request, so I matched it with dark brown canvas for the outer fabric. Hope she would like my design.

This is the tough part which I hand sew the outline.
包的里面, 缝了一个口袋。
Inner of the sleeve, with a open pocket.
包包的侧边, 全是车缝压线。
Side of the sleeve, machine outline.

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