Monday, June 13, 2011

大头娃娃侧背包 Red Big Head Doll Sling Bag

这块棉麻有好多款漂亮的图,我也很伤脑筋在选图上。 可是又不能整个包都红彤彤的,所以就配了黑色的酒袋布。幸好效果还令我满意。

I have made another type of sling bag, this is the special order by my eldest niece. She has chosen the fabric since December last year during her visit to my house but I dragged until now only completed it!
This cotton linen is really bright with many patterns, It was really headache to decide which pattern to be used on the bag, which I can't choose all the pattern otherwise it will looks all RED on the bag. At the end I matched it with black canvas (my favourite fabric!).

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