Monday, October 22, 2012

红与蓝时尚抓皱包 (客订包) Red & Blue Checked Tote Bag (Custom Made Order)

Thinking of a name for my product is always a very painful task for me, I believe same goes to other crafters too! For most of the time, I would just use back the fabric's name as the easiest way! This is what I did to this bag, kakaka....

This order accepted last month when I had my chicken pox. My customer didn't believe I could have completed this bag in only one month period! Being a regular customer of mine, she would have to wait for at least 2-3 months as her past experience, haha! Yaya, I know my speed is slow.... For people who knows me well, I am really struggling every minute, every second I could have extra on handmade, being a working mum, to handle on both family & work is not easy, not even to mention my hobby. If not because of my passion on sewing, I would have given up long long time ago. Nothing special, just for a simple reason - I really really LOVE it!

This simple design has attracted most of people coz this is the no.5  that I have made on this pattern! Sounds great!

I was sewing both bags at one time.

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