Thursday, January 3, 2013

Personalised Vehicles Pencil Case

I have bought this nice print tiny vehicles cotton from Applemama for quite some time, purposely bought it to make a pencil case for my son whom is deeply in love with cars! Cut the fabrics in one of the handmade class before my China/HK trip, after the trip I totally forgot about the fabric... till the day I urged my son to tidy up his utensils before school re-open. Ya, I supposed to sew a new pencil case for him as I promised, it's time to pay my promise.

He was surprised when he saw this pencil case, yes, I purposely wanted to give him a surprise.

Again, this is hand sew of his name. 
This is the one and only pencil case in the world with his name on it, isn't that  unique?

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