Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pink Lady Marche Bag {Enlarged version} (Custom Made Order)

This bag was ordered by my ex-colleague whose working in JB now. She visited me somewhere in Oct last year. She wanted to order a tote bag with lots of compartment/pockets and must with zips as well.

She changed her mind recently when she saw my Eiffel Tower Marche Bag which I made as another custom made order recently. Due to the limitation in design, I couldn't enlarge the bag too big, just slightly bigger than the original size. It's good to put in purse, handphone, coin purse, tissue and some other small stuffs.

At first I told her she might have to wait till after CNY to get her bag... but during the last minute my mood of turning out the bag came, so managed to turn out the bag in 2 days time, yahoh!

Hope she will like this sweet small bag.

Details of the bag:-

Measurement: 34cm (Wide) X 23cm (Height) X 18cm (Base)
Consists of 2 open pockets inside the bag, 1 zip pocket outside of the bag; 2 zip pockets inside the bag.