Saturday, February 26, 2011

Purple Checked Cherry Cosmetic Pouch (Custom Made Order)

This is the same order from the lady who ordered the coin purse too. She wanted the cosmetic pouch as simple as possible, so I dare not add too many acessories to it, just try to keep it simple and clean.
But it wasn't my style to just make a normal pouch, have been thinking a way to the pouch look differently by using some simple acessories, so at last I decided to have something different on the fabric, purposely arranged the fabric up-side down to have different view. Hope she will like it.

This is the front view, it's purple theme. Purple lacey zip, purple zig-zag lace & a SUE lady wooden button (matched with the customer's name whom has a SUE as well).

This is another side of the pouch, red lace with a zakka label.
For inner pouch, I used light pink/purple polka dot cotton fabric.

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