Friday, February 4, 2011

Horse Canvas Tuition Bag 马儿补习包

The moment I saw this horse canvas from Nana's blogspot, I fall in love with it. Don't know why, just simply love it, haha! After received the fabric, planned to sew a tuition bag for my son, eventhough horse is not his favourite.
I match the horse canvas with the dark brown "jiu dai bu" from Mrs Lobster, wow, what a perfect match!
Back side of the bag - hand sew my son's name on the bag, so that he will never miss place or forget his bag anymore.
包的后面- 特意手缝了儿子的名字,那他就不会再把包包给遗失了。
I added a front open pocket in front of the bag and inside the bag as well. Purposely combine 2 kind of fabrics for the inner pocket.
加了两个开放式口袋 - 一个在包的前面,另一个在包的里面, 还特地做了点拼接。

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雪仁 Sufen Yap said...

Sharmaine, very nice tuition bag!