Sunday, May 15, 2011

爱菲铁塔手机包 Eiffel Tower Handphone Pouch

这个手机包是我的第二个弹片口金手机包, 是做个一位亦师亦友的朋友。 原本应该在她去美国之前把手机包给她的,可是之前真的好忙,再加上脑袋没什么灵感。嘿嘿,希望她不会介意。

This Eiffel Tower handphone pouch is for a special friend. I have been delayed on this project due to no idea what fabric and design to sew. Until one day, both of us were viewing at my blog and she commented that she likes this Eiffel Tower fabric which I made for coin purse, so I know this is the fabric that I should use.

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