Friday, January 6, 2012

红白蓝淑女包 Red White Blue Lady Bag (Sold)




包的尺寸: 43cm (阔) X 22cm (高) X 13cm (底)

This is another red/white/blue matching fabric after the last sling bag, no choice... Chinese New Year is just around the corner, so.... I have spotted this pattern quite long time ago but due to can't fine any suitable fabric. There was one fine day where I saw this canvas fabric in one of the blogshop for pre-order, thus I immediately placed my order. Due to it was a pre-order, it took quite sometime to receive the fabric, by that time my enthusiasm already over! Hey, then during the 1-Jan New Year day when I did nothing at home, I suddenly thought of sewing this bag.

This bag looks very generous but the steps of doing are really a lotttttt! I think if not because I really like this bag I would have stopped half way. Haha! The base of the bag + 2 side pockets are using red PU leather, the outer bag is thick canvas, inner bag is cotton linen, both inner & outer were ironed with thick stabilizer, it was really tough to sew, especially the top zipper side, my "Brother" has started to boicot, so I had no choice but to hand sew them.

This is really a nice bag to be carried out with, if you like her, do drop me an e-mail.

The dimension of the bag is:- 43cm (width) X 22cm (height) X 13cm (base)

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