Monday, January 2, 2012

红白蓝简易斜背包 Red White Blue Simple Sling Bag (Sold)

这个斜背包其实早就做好了,等着日字扣来自制提把。收到扣也已经是2011 年的最后一天了,心想要不就等2012 才把它贴上来吧!

这是个简单利落的斜背包,不花俏,够大方,两面都有不同的设计哦!是我个人蛮喜欢的风格。出门和朋友喝茶,装个i-pad 都不成问题。值得一提的事,这还是我第一次DIY我店名的布标哦!

有兴趣的朋友可以联络我 -

I have completed this sling bag for quite some time before but was pending for the triglide set to make the handle. By the time I received the triglide set was already 31/12, so purposely delayed the posting to year 2012.

This is a simple sling bag, with different designs on both sides. This is one of my favourite patterns as well! You may bring it out for a drink, put in your i-pad is not a problem. I have even used my shop chop to create my 1st DIY label!

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