Monday, January 16, 2012

爱菲铁塔卡片套(客订包) Eiffel Tower Card Case (Custom Made)

美甲师傅续买下了麂皮长夹,向我订了一个可以放20 张卡的卡套。 苦于没灵感,我拖拉了一阵子,一直到要找她做美甲了,才“干愿”开工。 从来没做过这么多夹层的我,还真的有点伤脑筋,用纸张试了之后就开始裁布,结果还是牺牲了1/4尺的布。 幸好第二次的再接再历一次就成功了。

美甲师傅没什么要求,只要求不要粉红色。 所以我就选了这块百看不厌的爱菲铁塔配上她爱的棕色酒袋布。 卡片的间隔则用了艾玛太太家的棕色水玉薄棉麻。 我还加了两个间隔好让她能放些收据什么的。 今天下午交给她时,她好爱哦,太开心了!

My manicure friend ordered another 20-slot card case from me after she bought the long purse I made before. Due to no idea, I have been delayed fro a while until I wanted to call her again for next manicure appointment. Tried it on paper and it worked but failed when I sewn them on fabric. Tried for the 2nd time and thank god, it works!

She didn't have any special requirement, just mentioned no pink and was looking for "something cute". I chose this Eiffel Tower cotton linen matched with brown canvas which is her favourite color. The card slots were the colorful polka dot in brown base. Besides that I added another 2 big slots for her to put in receipts and etc. When I passed to her this afternoon, she was so happy to have it!

The one piece picture of the Eiffel Tower.

Card slot without cards.

Full with 20 cards.

With 2 big compartments.

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