Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's Waterproof Tote Bag again! (Custom Made Order) 防水布托特包 (客订包)

这是个没有什么惊喜的包,因为这个包款之前已经做过了。因为是客户指定要这块雾面菱形防水布, 所以没办法啦!这是块很不错的防水布,我个人很爱哦! 可惜裁完这个包我的防水布也用完了。


This is exactly the same pattern and same waterproof fabric that I had made before. The customer requested to use back the same waterproof fabric. This is such a good quality waterproof fabric from Taiwan which is one of my favourite fabric too。

The customer requested to have same design but with zip on the top. So I did not make major change on it, the same as I did before - an open pocket & a zip pocket, just this round I added another small open pocket inside the big open pocket, made it a 2-in-1, hehe...

Hope she will like it and thank you for her patience on my bag!

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Ning ✿ said...

I saw your blog~ really nice!! can't wait to receive it =)