Thursday, April 5, 2012

红格子波士顿包 Red Checked Boston Bag

Another new product in my handmade life - Boston Bag. Has been looking forward to sew this bag since long time ago. However, it has been delayed and forgotten until my sister told me she likes this pattern and I suddenly remember that this pattern was in my To-Do List! So after completed the previous order, I immediately found out the pattern and chose the suitable fabric for it.

The sewing is quite simple but the progress of combining the bag body to the side piece was bit tough for me. I have been using both machine & hand sew in order to combine them. Anyhow, the outcome is just superb! I like this bag, the content is quite big, can fill in lots of stuffs, and I have purposely added 2 D-rings so that it can be used as sling bag as well. Guess I will be doing a 2nd Boston very soon...

One open pocket in front & 2 open pockets by the sides

Bottom of the bag

2 open pockets inside

1 zip pocket inside

Measurement: 32cm X 27cm

Materials used:
Quality Cotton Linen with fully stabilized
Quality Taiwan canvas for the handles with stabilized
*This bag will come along with the PU leather sling handles as well

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