Sunday, May 20, 2012

蓝懒猫20层卡套 (客订包) Blue Lazy Cat Card Case (Custom Made Order)

This is the last item from the same customer whom ordered the couple passport holders and traveller pouch. Finally I have cleared her debt, yeh! I don't like for having my customers to have long wait on my items. But as for handmade, sometimes I really need inspiration and motivation, especially for repeated items that I have made before. That explains why so many crafters refuse to have repeated product. Sometimes even using the same fabric but I would modify something to make it different with the one I made before.

This round I purposely took the picture in my dining hall which is just beside the window.... the sunny sunshine made the pictures like "behine the bars" feel, aren't there nice?

Front of the card case

Inside view with the 20 layer card slots

Back side of the card case

Snapped a group photo before posting out

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