Sunday, May 20, 2012

铜锣烧零钱包 - 女儿的教师节礼物 Dorayaki Coin Purses for Teacher's Day

My daughter told me on Monday night that they were going to have Teacher's Day celebration on the coming Friday, asked me how was my progress of the coin purses? OMG, I haven't even started any of them.... This will be gonna a nightmare for me! So on Monday night I couldn't sleep, kept thinking what fabric to be used for the coin purses. On Tuesday morning 6am, I started my work by cutting the fabric, batting..... sewn them when I was on the journey to/from work, night time half way guiding my son got his mid-year exam... og gosh! It's really tiring.... at last I managed to make them happened!

Edited picture with front and back of the coin purses

By the time I finished them was already 12am, I couldn't find any wrapper in my house. So I have to DIY a card to tie with a string on them. See how creative I was, haha!

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